About us

ARVAR Group of Companies


The ARVAR group of companies is an international trader specializing in trading precious metals and stones.

For more than 25 years, ARVAR has occupied a leading position in the global market thanks to its expertise: we unite more than 300 specialists in the fields of logistics, financial investment, economics and law.

We are interested in long-term cooperation, we are ready to share experience, improve existing business models in order to optimize resources for the implementation of unique projects and the development of new areas (agriculture, grain, non-ferrous metals, petroleum products).

Strategic planning is a prerequisite for our work: we monitor rapidly changing trends and business management practices, implement ESG, identify potentially successful and ESG, profitable projects for implementation.



We are improving our skills, monitoring trends in commodity and foreign exchange markets, investing in the analysis of infrastructure and economic opportunities to open new directions


ARVAR provides its employees with opportunities for continuous training and professional development. Our colleagues participate in webinars, develop an internal mentoring system, and undergo training, including abroad


When starting to work in a new country, we do it openly, establishing business relationships with all participants in the business community, including government agencies and representatives of the government apparatus


We guarantee the quality of the services provided thanks to an established business process mechanism, established supply chains and our own financial resources. Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 9.8.

About our company

In 2023

Our company has reached a turnover of $1.2 billion.

More than 80% of employees

The high quality of services of the ARVAR group of companies is the merit of our team: more than 80% of employees are graduates of top universities.

70% of our clients work with ARVAR

Our company provides long-term solutions for stable development in the market: 70% of clients have been working with ARVAR for more than 10 years.

ARVAR priority

is to fully satisfy customer needs: 100% of clients return and make transactions with us again.